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What is Content Locking?

What is Content Locking

Do you want to use content locking on your site but you are confused about which content locker should you use. Then don’t worry we are here to help you.

In this article, we are going to talk about what is content locker and how you can add it to your WordPress site.

Content locker is a tool that can be very useful for increasing sales or your website engagement.

What is content locking?

Content-looking tools are used to hide part of your content and in order to unlock content, the user needs to take some action. By using a content locking tool on your website you can make your users take any type of action you want.

In order to use this tool and increase the engagement on your site your website should have interesting and valuable content. Interesting content on your site will attract visitors and they will be forced to take action by their curiosity.

How to add content locking?

Adding content locker on your website is not a difficult task especially if you have a WordPress site. If you are want to add a content locker on your WordPress site then you will have to open your Wp-admin dashboard. After opening your WordPress dashboard you will just have to go to the plugin menu and search for the content locking tool that you want to use on your website. Once you found your plugin install your plugin and activate it. After installing and activating your plugin you may have to set up few settings which will be easy to configure.

Top content locking tools



If you want to build email lists then Bloom can be your option for content blocking. Because apart from content blocking it also offers six different types of opt-in forms. These six different forms are designed to generate leads for users. You can use this tool for lead generation by locking your content and asking your visitors to unlock the content by entering their email Id.

  • Bloom will help you to build a beautiful and SEO-friendly content locker.
  • customization of lockers and popups is allowed by bloom.
  • Bloom will help you to build an easy-to-use and modern interface locker that will encourage the visitors to subscribe your email list.

Bloom offers two types of planning yearly access and lifetime access.

Yearly access: Yearly plan’s price is $89/ Year and offers Access To Divi, Extra, Bloom & Monarch, Hundreds Of Website Packs, Product Updates, Premium Support, Unlimited Website Usage, etc.

Lifetime access: The lifetime access plan’s price is $ 249 that you will have to pay one time and you will get Access To Divi, Extra, Bloom & Monarch, Lifetime Updates, Hundreds Of Website Packs, Lifetime Premium Support, etc.



OptinMonster is another most famous plugin for building popups, opt-in forms, and locking content. It will provide you drag and drop feature that will make building content locking easier for you. Another great thing offered by OptinMonster is its 50+ beautiful and attractive templates. The users who have subscribed to your email will be able to see your full content.

  • With OptinMonster content locker, you can lock your specific content.
  • You will get more than 50 templates to build a content locker opt-in form.
  • It will also allow customizing your content locker.

Basic: The basic plan’s price is $9/mo which will offer you Unlimited Campaigns, Subscriber Recognition, Success Messages, Simple Reporting, 3,500 Pageviews, 1 Site, etc.

Plus: $19/mo is the price for this plan under which you will get Device Targeting, Integrated A/B Testing, 15,000 Pageviews, 2 Sites, Content Locking, MonsterEffects™, etc.

Pro: $29/mo is the price of this plan which offers you Countdown Timers, Yes/No Forms, Referrer Detection, Campaign Scheduling, 2 Sub-Accounts, Remove Branding, etc.

Growth: This plan’s cost is $49/mo and offers Follow-up Campaigns, Geolocation Targeting, ManyChat Integration, Adblock Detection, Advanced Reporting, Activity Logging, Custom Branding, etc.

OnePress Social Locker

OnePress Social Locker

OnePress Social Locker is another popular content locking WordPress plugins for WordPress websites. This tool will help you in social sharing. By using this tool you can ask your readers to share your content for unlocking the content. It’s an SEO-friendly plugin which means your content will be available on SERP even if it’s locked.

  • It can be only used for increasing social sharing.
  • It is an SEO-friendly tool which means people will be able to find your locked content on search engines.
  • OnePress Social Locker tool is very easy to use all you have to do is select the part of your content you want to lock and click a button.

This is a free plugin and you can download it from the official WordPress site or from the WordPress admin dashboard.

Private Content


Private Content is a content locking plugin that locks the content based on user roles. It will display a small portion of the content to users of a specific role. In case you want to display the whole text to the editor or author then it will help you with this.

  • The best feature offered by this plugin is that you can show and hide the content based on user roles.
  • It provides a shortcode that you can use to show or hide your content.

This is another free plugin which means you easily download it from the WordPress official site or from the dashboard of your WordPress website.

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a great tool to build your email lists that not only provides content locker but also many types of opt-in forms. It allows you to hide text, images, and multimedia. Thrive Leads will help you to increase engagement on your site by hiding your content and making your readers curious about your content.

  • Thrive Leads allows you to customize your content locker popup.
  • To use its content locker you will just have to use its shortcode.
  • Using Thrive Leads you will also get other tools like opt-in forms and popups.

The price of Thrive Leads is 19/mo but you will have to pay annually $228.

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