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Top Rated Free Alternative To Zapier

Top Rated Free Alternative To Zapier

If we talk about the best integration tool then mentioning the Zapier integration tool is mandatory. Zapier is one of the most powerful integration software available in the market but sometimes the best also can not satisfy everyone. So, in case you have already used the Zapier plugin and now searching for an alternative to Zapier, then continue reading our article.

Here we are going to explore some best-rated and free alternative to Zapier. So, if you are confused or don’t have an idea about which Zapier alternative will be best for you then don’t worry we are here for you.

Best Alternative To Zapier



Looking for an alternative to Zapier try Integromat which is one of the most popular integration tools. This tool is currently used by more than 50,000 companies to integrate their system, applications, and services. It offers a free plan as well as paid plans so in case you like its feature then you can go for its paid plan. It is used by many popular brands like Uber, Adidas, Cisco, etc.

  • Integromat provides a visual editor which allows users to create automated workflow without writing a single line of code.
  • In this tool, all operations are logged so that users can see detailed information about each execution.
  • The most widely used functions for working with text, numbers, dates, and lists are included in Integromat.
  • When you run a scenario it lets you decide whether you want to retrieve data from the past or from after activation.
  • It error handler is a unique feature that allows you to deal with unexpected exceptions.

FREE: Its free plan offers 1,000 Operations, 100 MB Data transfer, and 15 minutes Minimum interval.

BASIC: The basic plan’s price is $9 / month which offers 10,000 Operations, 1 GB Data transfer, and 5 minutes Minimum interval.

STANDARD: $29 / month is the price for this plan which offers 40,000 Operations, 20 GB Data transfer, and 1 minute Minimum interval.

BUSINESS: This plan’s price is $99 / month and offers 150,000 Operations, 70 GB Data transfer, and 1 minute Minimum interval.

PLATINUM: The price for this plan is $299 / month which will offer you 800,000 Operations, 220 GB Data transfer, and 1 minute Minimum interval.

CUSTOM: As its name explains, this is a custom plan and its price will depend on your requirements.



Automate an effective integration platform for you if you are looking for an alternative to Zapier. It will help you to integrate your cloud-based application. The great thing about this tool is the number of actions it allows users to take. It allows you to create your own automated workflow with automated marketing sales, eCommerce, and business processes.

  • Its drag and drop feature makes it simple and initiative. You can easily create integrations with drag-drop data mapping in minutes without any help from an IT person.
  • It can connect more than 200 clouds / SaaS applications.
  • It will provide powerful tools which will allow you to add conditional logic, format data, and time delay into your workflows.
  • You will get one of the best security with this tool because provides data retention controls and audit logs and data encryption at rest and transit.

Free: If you don’t want to use its paid version then you can use its free plan which offers 300 monthly actions, 5 bots, and single-action bots.

Personal: $9.99 /mo is the price for this plan which offers 600 actions, 10 bots, multi-action bots, 1 and premium app.

Professional: This plan’s price is $19/mo which will offer you 2,000 actions, 20 bots, multi-action bots, 1, and premium app.

Startup:$39/mo is the price for this plan which will offer you 10,000 actions per month, 50 bots, action bots, 1 premium app, and auto-retry.

Growth: This plan will cost you $79/mo and you will get 30,000 actions per month, 100 bots, action bots, 1 premium app, auto-retry, and excess action.

Business: This plan’s price is $159/mo which offers 100,000 actions per month, 200 bots, action bots, 1 premium app, auto-retry, excess action, and data control.



Workato is another great alternative to Zapier with powerful features. It provides a wide range of features which makes it a great choice for professionals, teams, and businesses. Like other integration tools mentioned in this article, it also provides a free plan which is a great choice for newbies.

  • It will provide you maximum security and is trusted by many largest financial institutions.
  • There won’t be any coding required which is great for non-technical persons.
  • It has a feature that provides user automated handling.

It provides a custom plan so if you want to purchase this tool then you will have to contact them.

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow

If you are a fan of the Microsoft brand and always like to use products of this brand then this tool is for you. It is a tool where you will have to work less and do more what you want. With this tool, you can connect apps and create an automated workflow. It will also notify you if there are any changes. It will provide popular services like OneDrive, Office Outlook, Share Point, Dropbox, etc. To start with this integration tool is very easy you just have to get the templates of your requirement and then you can start.

  • It provides hundreds of pre-built connectors using which you can build a time-saving workflow with ease.
  • With this everyone can build a secure workflow with a low-code, no-code guided experience.
  • With its built-in AI, you can automate time-consuming manual tasks which will give users time to focus on strategic, high-value opportunities.
  • It provides document automation you can quickly process any type of form.

Per-user plan: $15 per user/month is the price of this plan which allows users to create unlimited workflows.

Per-user plan with attended RPA: $40 per user/month is the price for this plan which allows users to create unlimited workflows and automate legacy applications through RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

Per-flow plan:  This plan’s price is $500 for five flows/month2 which allows users to create workflows with reserved capacity for unlimited users across your organization.



IFTTT is another great integration software that is also a good choice for an alternative to Zapier. It stands for If This Then That. This platform is used connecting simple conditional statements known as applets. It helps you to organize your social media posts, sync your voice assistant and make it more personalized, and many more. In addition, it can also work on Android and IOS devices.

  • IFTTT provides free service as well as paid plan for advanced features.
  • It is a perfect tool for manage your social media account simultaneously. It allows users to post on social media and see them anywhere.
  • Users can sync their devices and make your mobile assistant more personalized.
  • One of the great things about this is that it integrated music applications like Saavn, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.
  • It will notify you of reminders, weather, news update, music update, Instagram post, etc.

IFTTT has categorized its planning into two categories which are for Individuals and for Developers.

For individuals

IFTTT Standard: its free plan allows you to create 3 Applets of your own and turn on unlimited Applets.

IFTTT Pro: $3.99 /month is the price of this plan which will offer you unlimited applet creation, customer support, faster execution for polling and real-time Applets, etc.

For Developers

IFTTT Developer: $199 is the price for this plan which offers email support, API performance and health dashboard, and many other features.

IFTTT Team: In this plan, users can pay as they grow. This will offer you prioritize support, monthly price per connected user, standard analytics and user insights, etc.

IFTTT Enterprise: This is a custom plan so, it’s pricing also will be custom. Its features include unlimited service for your products, premium analytics, and business insights, and many more.


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