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Top Alternatives & Competitors to

Top Alternatives & Competitors to

Have you been searching for alternatives to Automate integration tool?

If your answer is yes then you have come to the right place because here we are going to talk about the best alternatives to Automate. So if you want to find out which integration tool will best if you are looking for Automate competitors.


If you are not new to this then you already know that Integromat is one of the most popular integration tools. This makes it a great choice for those who are looking for alternatives to Automate integration software. This is a tool that allows you to connect multiple apps, services, and devices without writing a single line of coding. With this tool, you can automate the process that you will need to do manually. It will let you connect some popular applications like Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Google Drive, etc.


  • It provides users detailed information about each execution. Dues to this users will be able to see what and when data was processed.
  • You can create complex and multi-step workflows with custom logic and filters.
  • With its built-in integration, you can process the data individually.
  • It allows you to retrieve data from the past or you can retrieve from after activation.

FREE: Its free plan will offer you 1,000 Operations, 100 MB Data transfer, and 15 minutes
Minimum interval.

BASIC: It will cost you $9 / month which will offer you 10,000 Operations, 1 GB Data transfer, and many more.

STANDARD: The cost for the Standard plan is $29 / month which offers 20 GB Data Transfer, 40,000
Operations, and many more.

BUSINESS: The Business plan’s price is $99 / month under which the user will get 150,000 Operations, 70 GB Data transfer, and many other things.

PLATINUM: The price for the Platinum plan is $299 / month which offers 220 GB Data transfer, 800,000 Operations, and many other things.

CUSTOM: Its pricing will depend on the user’s requirement and the user will need to contact them for pricing. This plan will offer 800,000+ Operations, 220+ GB Data transfer, and many more.

If you are a large business group or growing startup then will be a great choice for you which is also a great alternative to Automate tool. It will let you integrate multiple applications like Facebook, Twitter, and many more. It offers a user-friendly user interface which makes it a great integration tool for beginners. This tool also has a drag and drop feature using which users can create easy workflow without writing codes.


  • You can use this to create web forms and have them activate your workflow when they are submitted.
  • With this tool, you will get 4500+ APIs of popular brands like Google,  Salesforce, Facebook, Mailchimp, etc.
  • It has a function called callable triggers, which divides the workflow into parts that can be called from another workflow.
  • It also allows users to trigger the workflows using Webhook URL in case they want extra flexibility in their workflows.


Standard: The Standard plan’s price is $695 per month which is billed annually. This plan will offer you Universal connectors, Access to Quickstarts, Modern usability features, and Automation templates.

Standard Plus: This plan’s price is $1,450 per month/ billed annually. This will offer you Shareable auths, Custom connector, Shareable components, and Access any Success Plan.

Professional: Professional plan of the tool will cost you $2,450 per month/ billed annually. This plan offers Environment promotion, Connector SDK, Roles-based access, SAML 2.0 SSO.

Enterprise: The Enterprise plan is the custom plan which means users will need to contact its team for pricing. The main features offered on this plan are On-premise connectivity, Log Streaming, Workspaces, and Custom SLA.


Zapier is another excellent alternative to Automate integration software. The platform offers some powerful features that help users to create automated workflow easily. It also allows users to integrate more than 1,500 platforms so users can integrate their required platform if they need to. If you are looking for a powerful and cost-effective integration tool then this is the one for you.


  • You will online template for workflows that you can customize according to your requirements.
  • It provides a feature called formatted that allows users to convert data into any kind of formats like dates, date formats, currency converters, and many more.
  • It helps users to search for specific information in a framework that has been integrated with Zapier’s comprehensive search action function.
  • Zapier lets you connect powerful platforms like Google Sheets,  Slack, Facebook Lead Ads, Quickbooks, Google Docs, and many more.


Free: This is a free forever plan which offers 5 Zaps, and 100 Tasks /mo.

Starter: You will need to pay $19.99 for 750 tasks per month. You are also allowed to increase the tasks and with that price will also increase. This plan offers Multi-step Zaps, 20 Zaps, Formatters, Connections Via Webhooks, etc.

Professional: This plan will cost you $49 for 2000 tasks per month. It also allows users to increase task limits which will cause to increment in price too. This plan will offer you Formatters, Custom Logic – Paths, Auto Replay, Filters, etc.

Team: For this plan, you will have to pay $299 for 50,000 tasks per month. You are allowed to increase the task limit. The main features offered by this plan are Unlimited Premium Apps, Auto Replay, Folder Permissions, Premier Support, Shared App Connections, Shared Workspace, etc.

Company: This plan is for big companies and organizations and its price is $599 for 100,000 tasks per month. You can increase your task limit and the main features are Connections Via Webhooks, User Provisioning (SCIM), Custom Data Retention, Account Consolidation, Live Training With Customer Success, and many more.


PieSync is an integration platform that helps users to connect all professional B2B services. One thing which makes it stand out from others is its seamless two-way sync feature. And this is the reason which makes a perfect option for those who are looking for an alternative to Automate integration tool. It has more than 140 applications integrated.

  • It encrypts the user data which provides high security to the users. And it also uses the advanced authorization method Oauth which makes sure that user’s data are secured.
  • The main focus of this tool is to ensure that data flow between apps in both directions, data sync and updated.
  • Duplicate data points are automatically detected, managed, and are removed.

Starter: This plan will require you to pay $49/mo and will allow you to Sync any of our supported apps, Invite unlimited team members to your PieSync subscription, and Create up to two
if/then rules per connection.

Pro: The pro plan will cost you $59/mo and will allow offer Unlimited rules per connection, Custom field mappings: choose how you want to sync fields across apps, More options to segment and filter your syncs, and all the features offer by Starter plan.


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