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wpDiscuz – Emoticons

wpDiscuz – Emoticons

$20.00 $3.99

  • We Purchase and Download From Original Authors
  • The same Product as Vendor’s Offers On their Official Website
  • 100% Clean Files from Virus
  • Untouched & Unmodified Files
  • Unlimited Domain Usage
  • 100 % Satisfaction or Refund Guaranteed
  • Free New Version

wpDiscuz – Emoticons

Brings an ocean of emotions to your comments. It comes with an awesome smile package.


      • Comes with an awesome unique smiles package.
      • Converts all smile codes to according smile image in comment content.
      • Adds smile icon-button in comment textarea bottom toolbar. It opens smile chooser and inserts smile code in comment text.
      • Allows to add custom emoticons with custom code and image.
      • Allows to create custom emoticons package and switch between those packages.
      • You can enable / disable each emoticon separately.
      • It may also work with post content. There is an option to enable smile converter for post content.

Adding Custom Smile Packages

wpDiscuz Emoticons Addon comes with an awesome smile package, but it also allows  you to add new emoticons packages and switch to any package you want. To create a new Smiles package, please follow this instruction:

    • 1.  Create “wpdiscuz” folder in WordPress /wp-content/ directory
    • 2.  Create “emoticons” folder in WordPress /wp-content/wpdiscuz/ directory
    • 3. Choose a unique name for your new package and create a folder using this name in /wp-content/wpdiscuz/emoticons/ directory. For example “mysmiles“, the end directory will be /wp-content/wpdiscuz/emoticons/mysmiles/
    • 4.  Copy all files from /wp-content/plugins/wpdiscuz-emoticons/emoticons/ directory to /wp-content/wpdiscuz/emoticons/mysmiles/
    • 5.  Change the new package demonstration icon mysmiles/icon.png, but do not rename it.
    • 6.  Delete all images in mysmiles/img/ folder and upload your new emoticons images.
    • 7.  Open mysmiles/wpsmiliestrans.php file and change new image names for according emoticons’ code.
    • 8.  Then come back to this page and find the emoticons package switcher.