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Top 15 Beautiful Screenshot Tool and API for Your Business

List Of Best Screenshot API Tools

Before talking about the tool, let us know what is the screenshot API tools. This is a tool on which you can enter the URL of any website and take a screenshot of that entire website. Now you must be thinking that you can do this by yourself, what is the need of the tool for this So let us tell you that you are thinking right but think if you want to take screenshots of thousands of websites and you also have to edit those screenshots, would you like to do this by yourself now? definitely not. With this tool, all you have to do is enter the URL of the website and it will take care of editing of the pictures.

  • LinkPeek
  • PageScreen
  • CloudBrowser
  • Browshot
  • PageScreenShot
  • ScreenshotAPI
  • Snapito
  • APIFlash
  • Capture
  • Thumbalizr
  • ApiLeap


With the LinkPeek screenshot, you can control each snapshot and how it looks. You can use it anywhere that HTML supports. You can take 100+ screenshots per minute with ease that is why it is considered one of the faster screenshot tool.

Pricing and plan

It doesn’t have any free plan but it provides three types which you can choose according to your need.

1. $20/mo

This is a good option for a developer which takes 6000 requests per month.

2. $60/mo

This is a good option for a freelancer which takes 36,000 requests per month.

3. $180/m0

This is the best plan for production and it takes 162000 requests per month.


The PageScreen API is easy to integrate with the website and application. It also has three types of plans.

Pricing and plans

1. €14.90/month

This is a pro plan which includes unlimited URL & monitoring, 1000 captures, screenshot API etc.

2. €49.90/month

This is a team plan which includes unlimited URL & monitoring,  5000 captures, etc.

3. €179.90/month

This is a business plan which provides URL & monitoring,  20,000 captures etc.


It is a good option for all type of businesses. With this, you can convert HTML and URL to pdf files. It also allows you to convert  HTML or hosted documents via URL to image formats like JPEG or PNG.

Price and Plans

1. $19/mo


Browshot makes it easy to take screenshots of web pages in any screen size, as any device like iPhone, android, pc etc. It provides three kinds of plans.

Pricing and plans

1. Free plan

2. Premium plan

Its pricing ranges from $1 to $1,000.

3. Private plan use a CDN-backed API to take the screenshots. It gives you information about how you can take the screenshots without facing any problems. It has 4 types of plans.

Pricing and plans

1. $29/mo

This is an Indie plan which provides 8,500 screenshots per month and Fast Real Browser Instances.

2. $99/mo

This is a Pro plan which provides 50k screenshots per month.


This is a Business plan which includes 1,50,000 screenshots per month.

4. Enterprise Custom

In this plan, the price depends on your requirement. If you need more than 1,50,000 screenshot then you can contact them.


URL2PNG is powerful screenshot automation for any application. It can easily capture the screenshots from any website. Its dashboard is filled with graph, web font, and video screenshot tools.

Pricing and plans

1. $29/month

It is called as a Bootstrapped plan and it provides the 5k screenshots per month.

2. $99/month

This plan called as a Traction plan and it provides the 20k screenshots per month.

3. $199/month

It is called as a Killinit plan which provides the 50k screenshots per month.

4. Enterprise

This plan is for those who need more than 50k screenshots. If you need more than 50k screenshots then you can contact them.

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