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How to Create Web Notification Bars for Your Website Using OptinMonster?

Notification Bars

Have you ever noticed notification bars while visiting any website? If your answer is yes then you already know what is notification bars and what is their use.

But in case you have no idea about what is notification bars and why do we use them on our websites then don’t worry. In this article, we are going to explain to you everything about web notification bars and how you can add them to your site.

What Is Website Notification Bars?

A notification bar is a small banner that you will find on top of the website or bottom of the website. These notification banners are used to provide information about website changes, product offers, and limited offers.

The notification bar helps users to notify their customers or visitors without getting in the way of any content. With the help of a notification bar, users can attract their customers by displaying product offers and sales.

How to Create Web Notification Bars using Optinmonster

Creating a web notification bar using Optiminmonster is not so difficult task. To create a web notification bar you will have to login into your Optinmonster account first. Then you will see a “create new campaigns” tab on the top right-hand side of your dashboard. Now you have to select your campaign type. We would recommend you to use the “floating bar”. After selecting the campaign type it’s time to choose a template for your notification bar.

One of the best things we like about Optinimonster is that it offers more than 50 templates. These temples save your time while creating a website banner alert. Now that you have so many options you can go for any templates that match your website theme.

In case you don’t like any of their templates then you can also create your own and customize them according to your requirement. We are going to select the “alert” template because it has a bright red color that will catch visitor’s attention.

If there is a template that you like but its color is not of your liking then you can change its color too. Once you have selected your template you will have to name your campaign and select the website for which you are making the campaign. Now the notification bar will be in your OptinMonster editor where you can edit the Position of the Notification Bar, Text of the Campaign, and Button of the Campaign.

Now we are going to explain how you can edit your campaign settings one by one:

Notification Bar’s position

To change the notification bar’s position you will need to go to the floating setting and turn the toggle switch on.

Text of your campaign

To change your text of the campaign is an easy task you easily change the content of your content by clicking on the content you want to change.

Changing notification bar’s color

If the color of your selected template is not to your liking, you can change it. To change the color of the notification bar you will have to click on the background color. When you will click on the color icon the color chart will be open from where you can select the color of your linking.

Button on the campaign

Changing the button of your campaign is also easy. Like changing the text, to change the button you will just have to click on the button you want to modify. While changing the button make sure you change the action URL.

Change display rules

Changing the display rule is an optional setting that you can change for better customer targeting. To change the display rule you will have to go to the display rules setting which you will find at the top of the menu. Now change your setting “time on page” to ” is immediate”.

Saving your campaign

This is not the setting but still if you don’t do this all your hard work willNot go to waste. So make sure you save your campaign after creating them.

Publish your campaign

Now it’s time to publish your campaign. To publish your content you will have to click on the publish menu that you will find at top of the page. Now you will just have to toggle the status button to live and your campaign will be published.

Some best WordPress notification bars

Now that we have talked about how you can create notification banners using Optinmosnster. Now we are going to talk about some other best notification bar creators that you consider in case you don’t want to use Optinmonster.

Hello Bar

Hello Bar

Hello bar is one of the oldest tools to create notification banners. With the hello bar plugin you can easily integrate your WordPress website and create attractive notification bars. It offers a free and premium plan so if you want to use its advanced features then you can go for the premium version.


Starter Free Forever: Its starter free forever plan is a free plan that offers 5,000 /mo views, Unlimited subscribers, Basic design features, etc.

Growth: The price of this plan is $29/mo which offers 50,000 /mo views, Unlimited popups, Unlimited subscribers, Advanced targeting feature, etc.

Premium: This plan costs $49/mo and offers 150,000 /mo views, Unlimited popups, Premium targeting features, Unlimited A/B testing, etc.

Elite: This plan will cost you $99/mo and you will get 500,000 /mo views, Premium targeting features, Unlimited A/B testing, Premium support, etc.

WP Notification Bars

WP Notification Bars

WP Notification Bars is another great tool for creating notification banners for WordPress sites. This is a lightweight plugin that allows you to create alerts, increasing click-throughs, and custom notifications. It is a translation-ready plugin which means you can create banners in any language.


You can download it from WordPress official site for free or if you need advanced features then you can for its premium version that will cost you $29.00 for 3 sites.

Easy Notification Bar

Easy Notification Bar

Easy Notification Bar allows you to add a notification bar to your site easily. The best thing about Easy Notification Bar is that it offers a free tool. To use this tool you will just have to install its plugin on your site.


To use this plugin you won’t have to pay any cost and you can download it from your WordPress dashboard.

WPFront Notification Bar

WPFront Notification Bar

WPFront Notification Bar is another free plugin that you can use to create notification bars. It can be easily set up and allows you to set the bar to automatically close or set a close button. It also allows you to when will the bar appear.


It is also a free plugin which means you can easily install it on your website from your WordPress website’s dashboard.

Top Bar

Top Bar plugin

Top Bar plugin is a free notification plugin that will help you to create notification bars easily. It allows you to choose colors and text so that they can match to your website. It has a sticky bar feature that is used to display the notification bar all the time.


Download it from WordPress official site or in case you have a WordPress site then the WordPress dashboard of your website.

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