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Bulk SMS Marketing Software 2021 ( SMS Sender & Database )


What is a bulk SMS marketing software:-

The bulk SMS marketing software is a platform through which business owners can send SMS in bulk and deliver their offers and deals to their customers.  It provides such features, due to which the users can easily provide the best deals and can promote their campaigns to their customers.

  • MSG91
  • Mobtexting
  • Text Magic
  • Call Hub
  • Digimiles
  • Exotel
  • Textedly
  • Mozeo
  • Bitrix24
  • TextLocal
  • Atomic SMS Sender
  • Text Marketer Bulk SMS


MSG91 is a bulk messaging software which is powered by Walkover enterprises. It offers a robust and scalable system that works organization of any size. It charges Rs. 0.25 per SMS.

Features of MSG91:-

  1. User can set DND
  2. Customized SMS
  3. Free API Integration
  4. Users can send SMS 24×7
  5. It provides a delivery report of the sent messages
  6. Customize Calls


Mobatexting is one of the well-known SMS service providers. It provides the facility of sales, marketing, and campaign promotion. It uses the latest telephonic technology which helps its users to empower their business.

Pricing and Plans of Mobtexting:-

  • Promotional SMS (5000 SMS at Rs. 1250)

Features of Promotional SMS:-

  1. Unicode SMS
  2. It has User-friendly Interface
  3. User can Send SMS Offline
  4. Users can manage their template
  5. Scheduler
  6. Personalized SMS
  7. Instant Delivery
  8. Auto-DND Filters
  9. Detailed Real-Time Reports
  10. Premium SMS Gateway
  11. Retry Mechanism
  12. API Integration
  13. It provides a 24/7 support
  • Transactional SMS (5000 SMS at Rs. 1500)

Features of Transactional SMS:-

  1. Unicode SMS
  2. Template Manager
  3. It has a good customer support service
  4. Auto-DND Filters
  5. Scheduler
  6. Instant Delivery
  7. Detailed Real-Time Reports
  8. Retry Mechanism
  9. Personalized SMS
  10. Contact Manager
  11. Premium SMS Gateway
  12. 24/7 SMS delivery
  13. User-friendly Interface
  14. It provides the service of SMS alert
  15. API Integration
  • 2 Way SMS Services (Rs. 3000 for three months)

Features of 2 Way SMS Services:-

  1. Auto Reply Option
  2. Customized SMS for Auto-Reply
  3. 1000 Free SMS
  4. E-Mail Alert
  5. URL Trigger
  6. Dashboard Access
  7. Mobile Push
  8. 24*7 Report Access
  9. 24000 Free Incoming (Pull SMS)
  10. API
  11. Download Report
  12. Set Up Fee
  • Missed Call Service (Rs. 500/month)

Features of Missed Call Service:-

  1. Auto Reply
  2. Cost-Effective
  3. 24/7 Support
  4. Vanity or Fancy Number
  5. Unlimited Channels
  6. Use Your Own Number
  7. SMS/E-Mail Notification
  • Voice Broadcasting – Outbound Dialing (OBD) (5000 voice SMS pack at Rs 2500)

Features of Voice Broadcasting – Outbound Dialing (OBD):-

  1. Setup in Less time
  2. Multiple Voice Gateway
  3. Cloud Infrastructure
  4. User-friendly Interface
  5. Scheduler
  6. Instant Delivery
  7. Detailed Real-Time Reports
  8. Auto-DND Filters
  9. Contact Manager
  10. Template Manager
  11. Customer Support
  • IVRS – Virtual Receptionist(Rs. 1000/month)

Features of IVRS – Virtual Receptionist:-

  1. Advance Call Routing
  2. Welcome Message
  3. Call Management
  4. Custom Music on Hold
  5. Sticky Agent
  6. E-Mail Alerts
  7. SMS Alerts to Caller
  8. Custom Sender ID
  9. Call Recording
  10. Voice Mail Alert
  11. Virtual Number
  12. CRM API
  13. Multi-Level IVR
  14. Departments Mapping
  15. Download Reports
  16. Callers’ Location
  17. Holiday Mapping
  18. Click2Call API
  19. Time-Based Routing
  • Toll-Free Service (Rs 2000/month)

Features of Toll-Free Service:-

  1. Advanced Call Routing
  2. Welcome Message/IVR
  3. Call Management
  4. Custom Music on Hold
  5. Sticky Agent
  6. E-Mail Alerts
  7. SMS Alerts to Caller
  8. Custom Sender ID’s
  9. Call Recording
  10. Voice Mail Alert
  11. Virtual Number
  12. Multi Level IVR
  13. Departments Mapping
  14. Holiday Mapping
  15. Click2Call API
  16. Office-time Mapping
  17. Dynamic Greeting
  18. Agent Login

Text Magic:-

Text Magic is an SMS solution for marketers through which its users can send messages, notifications, reminders, alerts and promote campaigns. It offers powerful features which help its users to grow their business. Its SMS gateway API can be combined with other devices so that SMS can be sent from any devices. It gives 30 days free trial, by which its users can take the trial and decide whether to use it further or not. It offers a free account, but its users have to pay $0.059 on every SMS they send.

Features of Text Magic:-

  1. Online text messaging
  2. SMS Gateway API
  3. SMS distribution lists
  4. Android and iOS apps
  5. Sub-accounts
  6. Virtual mobile numbers
  7. Branded SMS ID
  8. Multi-language support
  9. Reporting and analytics
  10. Voice Calls forwarding
  11. Incoming SMS automation
  12. Scheduled messages
  13. Contacts and lists management
  14. Mobile numbers import
  15. SMS templates and mail merge
  16. Voice broadcast
  17. Single sign-on for enterprises
  18. SMS Surveys for collecting feedback
  19. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) SMS
  20. Carrier Lookup & Number Validation

Call Hub:-

The call hub is specially designed for political campaigns, Business campaigns. It provides a virtual call centre by which its users can talk to thousands of volunteers and add surveys to campaigns. The advertising functionality of text messages helps users to send contacts personalized messages. It charges $0.004 per text.

Features of call hub:-

  1. Contact Management
  2. Call Recording
  3. Call Logs
  4. Call Monitoring
  5. Analytics
  6. MMS
  7. Scheduling
  8. Import Address Book
  9. Manage Contacts
  10. Call Sharing
  11. File Transfer
  12. Recording Bookmarking
  13. Scheduled Recording
  14. Reporting
  15. Dashboards & Analytics


Digimiles is an SMS service platform which offers the service of bulk messaging. Users can deliver transactional messages on a large scale with Digimiles without working too much. This platform helps users to enhance their customers by targeting potential customers to send SMS of product launches, updates, festival deals, weekend offers and more.

Pricing of Digimiles:-

  • Digimiles Promotional 5,000 SMS  RS. 1,250
  • Digimiles Promotional 10,000 SMS Rs. 2,000
  • Digimiles Promotional 50,000 SMS Rs. 6,500
  • Digimiles Promotional 1 Lac SMS Rs. 12,500
  • Digimiles Transactional 5,000 SMS Rs. 1,250
  • Digimiles Transactional 10,000 SMS Rs. 2,000
  • Digimiles Transactional 50,000 SMS Rs. 7,000
  • Digimiles Transactional 1 Lac SMS Rs. 13,000
  • OTP 2,000 SMS Rs. 700
  • OTP 2,500 SMS Rs. 2,500
  • OTP 50,000 SMS Rs. 7,500
  • OTP 1 Lac SMS Rs. 14,000

Features of Digimiles:-

  • IVR / Voice Recognition
  • Voice & Data Integration
  • VoIP
  • Computer Telephony
  • Voice / SMS Alerts
  • 24×7 Timing
  • Lifetime Validity


Exotel is a bulk SMS platform from which marketers can send bulk SMS. By this platform, users can set a call routing or call management. It provides a 15 days free trial so users can trail its features and services.

Exotel pricing and plans:-

  • Dabbler (Rs. 9,999)
  • Believer (Rs. 19,999)
  • Influencer (Rs. 49,999)
  • Custom solution for enterprises

Features of exotel:-

  1. Missed call services
  2. Dynamic call flows
  3. Call & SMS campaigns
  4. Call recordings
  5. Call & SMS APIs
  6. Daily email reports
  7. Reports and analytics
  8. Real-time notifications
  9. Automated calls & SMS


Textedly is a cloud-based SMS marketing tool. It provides advanced technology so its users can reach their targets. It targets the subscribers for texting who have their phones most of the time so that business owner can easily get their best result. It provides 14 days free trial but after that, it charges $ 20/month.

Features of Textedly:-

  1. Mass Text Messaging
  2. Shortcodes
  3. Mobile Subscription
  4. Mass Text Message Scheduling
  5. Single Send Scheduling
  6. Automatic Text Replies
  7. Inbox & One-to-One Texting
  8. CTIA & Mobile Carrier Compliant
  9. Unlimited Subscribers
  10. Analytics
  11. Custom Subscriber Data
  12. Built-In Link Shrinking
  13. Outgoing & Inbound Multimedia Messaging
  14. Calendar


Mozeo is an SMS marketing platform which helps its users to reach their targets and get the best result. It is a mobile-based application. It’s interface is user-friendly so those people who don’t have knowledge of technology can use it easily. It offers 15 days free trial.

Features of Mozeo:-

  1. Mobile Marketing & Messaging
  2. SMS Blasting
  3. Email Bulk Sending
  4. Mobile Keywords
  5. Mobile Alerts
  6. Text Surveys
  7. Mobile Contests
  8. Customer Service Text Messaging
  9. Text-2-Screen
  10. SMS API
  11. Mobile Websites
  12. Contact Management
  13. Reports


Bitrix24 is a platform where users can manage their files, projects, messages, tasks, and contacts. It provides a mobile solution by which users can use it on mobile phone with Android or iPhone os.

Pricing and plans of Bitrix24:-

  • Free Plan for 12 users
  • Special plan ( for CRM 6 users $55.20/mo and for project management 24 users $55.20/mo)
  • Business Plan (standard 50 users $79.20/mo and professional unlimited users 159.20/mo)

Features of Bitrix24:-

  1. Activity Stream intranet center
  2. Users can send emails in bulk
  3. Calendar sharing
  4. Company structure
  5. CRM
  6. It provides the CRM reports
  7. Daily planner
  8. Email notifications
  9. Extranet
  10. File sharing and versioning
  11. Instant messages
  12. Photo albums
  13. Project groups
  14. Sales funnel
  15. Simple access assignment
  16. Tasks
  17. Task reporting
  18. Time management
  19. User profiles
  20. Workflow


TextLoacal is an SMS service provider by which its users can send the messages in bulk. TextLocal provides best message delivery system and it has great support for its users. It has an SMS-orientated communication by which users can reach their targets and maximize their results.

Price and plans of TextLocal:-

  • 10 messages free
  • 1,000 Messages Rs. 270
  • 2,000 Messages Rs. 540
  • 5,000 Messages Rs. 1,250
  • 10,000 Messages Rs. 2,500
  • 25,000 Messages Rs. 5,625
  • 50,000 Messages Rs. 9,500
  • 1,00,000 Messages Rs. 17,000
  • 2,50,000 Messages Rs. 40,000
  • 5,00,000 Messages Rs. 75,000
  • 10,00,000 Messages Rs. 1,45,000

Features of Textlocal:-

  1. It has good customer support service
  2. Users can manage their contact easily
  3. It provides the analytics of the campaigns
  4. Users can text in bulk
  5. Polls / Voting
  6. Scheduling
  7. Shortcodes
  8. Subscriber Management
  9. Users can import address book
  10. Users get instantly message delivery
  11. Users can manage the sender ID

Atomic SMS sender:-

Atomic SMS sender is a Windows designed application for mobile marketing to deliver bulk text messages (SMS) from your PC or laptop computer via your internet connection.

Features of Atomic SMS sender:-

  1. It has a good customer support
  2. Users can manage their contact easily
  3. It provides the analytics of the campaigns
  4. Users can text in bulk
  5. It allows users to send messages in MMS
  6. Users can import address book
  7. Users get instantly message delivery
  8. Users can manage the sender ID

Text Marketer Bulk SMS:-

Text marketer is a web application which is used to send the messages in bulk. this tool is very cost-effective and easy to use. It has cutting edge tools which help users produce more effective results. It charges Rs. 1.8 per SMS.

Features of Text Marketer Bulk SMS:-

  1. It tracks the number of users who have clicked on your sent link
  2. Users can easily upload contacts in bulk
  3. It creates the segments for the data and prepares it for SMS campaigns
  4. It specifically designs web pages for the user’s campaigns

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