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Best 12+ WordPress eCommerce Plugins for 2021 (FREE + Paid)


Nowadays, due to everything going online, people also prefer to do shopping online, due to which the value of the e-commerce website has also increased. For this reason, seeing the e-commerce trend in people, now every seller is starting to build online stores. Choosing a good platform to build an online store is very important because if you don’t do this then you may suffer a great loss. We will tell you about some plugins that will help you a lot in your business growth.

  1. WooCommerce
  2. Member Press
  3. Easy Digital Downloads
  4. Big Commerce
  5. WP eCommerce
  6. WPForms
  7. Yoast SEO
  8. Veeqo
  9. Envira Gallery
  10. Learn Dash
  11. Quick and Easy FAQs
  12. Product Countdown WordPress Plugin
  13. BackupBuddy


WooCommerce is one of the most popular plugins for e-commerce. It provides a large number of themes and templates. With the help of WooCommerce, users can build their online store and grow their business easily.

Features of WooCommerce:-

  1. It has a modern and clean interface.
  2. It allows users to control the checkout process
  3. Users can add or manage products
  4. It reduces the page loading time
  5. Flexible Shipping Destinations
  6. It provides the reports of the sale in detail
  7. It provides CRM/store management

Member Press:-

With the members, press plugins users can sell digital products which are based on subscription. Through this, users can allow their customers to access or revoke posts, pages or links. It provides the features of content managing and social communities. Users can integrate their already existing website with the Member Press. It is the best plugin with lots of integration choices for WordPress membership.

Benefits and features of member press:-

  1. it has an easy setup
  2. It works with any theme
  3. It provides affiliated programs
  4. It is ultra-stable and secure
  5. Premium Community Forums
  6. It provides clear and relevant reporting
  7. Pretty Pricing Pages
  8. Easy integration of payment portals
  9. Users can manage subscription

Easy Digital Downloads:-

Easy digital download is one of the best plugins for selling digital downloads online. This plugin can only be used to sell digital downloads, it cant be used for other kinds of products. It has powerful features which make it easy to use and create digital goods store.

Benefits and features of Easy Digital Downloads:-

  1. To attract the customers it creates the discount code
  2. Customers can purchase multiple downloads
  3. Their no restriction about how much your customers can download
  4. User can set file download limit and the download link expiration
  5. The customer account page can not be used by an unauthorized person
  6. Users can track how much their product has been downloaded
  7. Users can easily check the reports

Big Commerce:-

With the Big Commerce users can manage their content and run their website easily. It offers seamless integration with WordPress and allows to use a flexible eCommerce platform. Users can easily set their product on WordPress with the help of its integrated plugins. It develops the sign-in, cart, account and other essential pages for you automatically.

Benefits and features of Big Commerce:-

  1. It syncs your products to different marketplaces
  2. It has an abandoned cart saver feature
  3. users can personalize their promo
  4. It doesn’t charge for transaction
  5. Automated the difficult tasks
  6. It helps to grow the business worldwide

WP eCommerce:-

This plugin has similar features to WooCommerce. Its pricing has been set in such a way that anyone can use its core plugin and if they need more features, they can pay for it and then download it.

Benefits and features of WP eCommerce:-

  1. Users can easily ship with the options of flat, table, and weight rate.
  2. This payment accepts payments from various platforms such as PayPal, Worldpay, and Propay.
  3. WP eCommerce has one of the most robust eCommerce platform tax management systems
  4. It provides detailed reports of the sales and updates of order statuses
  5. It provides integration to systems like Google Analytics and Google base so that the products which are on sale can automatically display
  6. It allows users to manage and create coupons to attract the customers


It is very important for any business owner to have a contact form on their website. The WPForm helps its users to set up a contact form so that their customers can contact them. Using drag and drop functionality users can easily create a contact form. For those wanting more advanced options and functionality, you can sign up for their Pro version, which has more customizability options and features.

Benefits and features of WPForms:-

  1. Users can easily create a form with drag and drop form builder
  2.  It provides pre-built form templates due to which users a lot of time saves
  3. It works on any device like mobile, desktop or tablets
  4. Users can easily create high-performance forms with its smart conditional logic.
  5.  It provides an instant notification feature to the users so that it can respond to leads instantly for the user’s team
  6. It has an entry management feature so that users can view all leads in one place
  7.  Users can easily collect payments and online orders
  8.  Users can easily create a subscription form and connect it with the email marketing service.
  9.  It provides a smart captcha to prevent any spam submission

Yoast SEO:-

Yost is one of the most popular plugins in SEO. It provides the feature of adding the meta tag to the contents so that the user’s website ranking can improve. Its interface is user-friendly which is why users are able to use it easily.

Benefits and features of Yoast SEO:-

  1. It allows users to change post title and meta description on the basis of content or post.
  2. Users can preview the Google search result snippet.
  3. Users can add the focus keyword to their posts.
  4. It provides the ability to verify Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, and Bing Webmaster Tools


the Veeqo plugins provide all-in-one service so users can easily manage their WooCommerce store or other stores like Amazon, eBay, etc. By using Veeqo you can monitor orders, keep stock organized in real-time, update brand lists, buy from distributors, handle the selection, packaging, and delivery, and more.

Benefits and features of Veeqo:-

  1. Users can easily manage, view, and print their orders.
  2. It allows users to synchronize their stock across all stores and marketplace so that users can avoid oversell.
  3. Deliver every order on schedule with the world’s leading logistics providers.
  4. Users can arrange, pack and ship easily with its masterful speed and efficiency.
  5. Users can manage the products prices and intricate details on the single platform
  6. Use any number of physical stores to incorporate the eCommerce service.
  7. It provides a mobile application so that can manage their business from anywhere and at any time.
  8. It provides warehouse logistics services at the enterprise level for retailers of any size.

Envira Gallery:-

Envira Gallery allows its users to add images of the products so that their customers can view the products before purchasing them. It helps you to create an attractive gallery and you can also create multiple galleries.

Benefits and features of Envira Gallery:-

  1. It provides the drag and drop builder so that users can easily create beautiful photo and video galleries.
  2. Users can arrange pictures with tags and choose the cover photo.
  3. It provides pre-built templates to customize the look of the gallery.
  4. Users can easily create and add share buttons without writing a single line of code
  5. It has an eCommerce store that provides image proofing, WooCommerce integration, and more.
  6. It provides the protection of your work by adding watermark and password protection
  7. Users can add a slideshow display or enable fullscreen lightbox mode
  8. It has deep linking and pagination features by which users can make an SEO-friendly gallery.


LearnDash is one of the best learning management system plugins which is used to sell and create digital courses on your website. It is a good option for those who want to teach or tutor online. Users can also teach courses on digital marketing. It allows users to create easily quizzes and assignments with the drag and drops feature.

Features of LearnDash:-

  1. It has a supported learning feature including the virtual classroom.
  2. It provides mobile learning features by which users can enable their customers to learn from the mobile by downloading the mobile application or via the internet.
  3. Users can track the list of the users and can add a new user.
  4. Users can define and assign the role of their team members.
  5. Users can create a custom user login page
  6. Users can track attendance and manage them easily.
  7. Users can create courses easily.
  8. It allows users to create the course categories and manage them.
  9. It allows users to choose in which format they want to tech like the weekly format, topics format, or on the live video, etc.
  10. Users can provide certificates of courses to their students or customers. It provides Predefined certification templates by which users can easily create certificates.

Quick and Easy FAQs:-

It is important to have a FAQ section on every website, especially on the eCommerce website so that if there is a new user, then they can ask queries about new products. As the name suggests, this plugin is used to create a FAQ page easily. Including the FAQ page will also help lessen overhead customer support and increase conversion.

Features of Quick and Easy FAQs:-

  1. Users can easily add FAQs section to their website
  2. Users can display FAQs in simple list style, toggle style or filterable toggle style.
  3. Users can also change the background color and border color of the FAQ page.
  4. It provides a CSS box in the setting page so that users can override the default styles to make their own styles.
  5. It supports the RTL
  6. Support for Visual Composer Plugin

Product Countdown WordPress Plugin:-

The product sells more on sale that is why it is the best way to sell the products on limited sales. Through these plugins, users can add countdown feature to their sale so that customers can see when the sale is ending. It also works easily with WooCommerce.

Features of Product Countdown WordPress Plugin:-

  1. Offers drag and drop option.
  2. Easy to use interface.
  3. Include both shortcode and widget options.
  4. it allows users to show weeks, days, hours, and seconds.
  5. Offers jQuery countdown or count-up timers to your WordPress site.


Every data must be backed up so that the data can be recovered when lost Similarly, the website’s data should also be backed up so that if there is an attack on the website user can back up the data of their website easily.

Feature of BackupBuddy:-

  1. Users can schedule the backup and it will run automatically at the scheduled time
  2. It automatically sends the backup to the emails, FTP server, Amazon s3, etc.
  3. Easily search the content of your backup folder from the dashboard and select which files should bring back in time
  4. If you move to a new domain or subdirectory, BackupBuddy manages both URL and route modifications for the users

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