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Best 15+ WordPress Plugins For Every WordPress Blog & Website


What is a WordPress plugin?

This is a software through which WordPress users can add some new features and functions to their website without any coding. Users do not require to have the technical knowledge to add these plugins, they can add new features to their website by installing the software and using its functionality. WordPress provides thousands of plugins that users can install by going into the plugins option of the WordPress account. Here are some plugins which every WordPress users or website owners should have:

  • Yoast SEO
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • Akismet
  • Wordfence
  • Contact Form7
  • Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights
  • WP Smush
  • WpDiscuz
  • UpdraftPlus
  • Jetpack
  • Wp rocket
  • PushEngage
  • Broken link checker
  • Beaver builder
  • CSS Hero
  • Seedpro

Yoast SEO:-

The search engine is the best option to bring traffic to the website, Therefore, to bring traffic to the website, ranking the website on search engines is very important. Yoast guides WordPress users to make the content of good quality so that the ranking on the search engine of the website can increases. The main objective of this plugin is to help users, gain confidence and retain the ratings. It helps users to write content in an easy way so that readers can understand it easily.

Features of Yoast:-

  1. It optimizes the keywords for synonyms and related keywords.
  2. It checks the readability to the content from the Flesch Reading Ease score.
  3. With the help of the canonical URL, the website owners can tell the search engine that your website contains original content.
  4. It provides the content insight that checks the match keywords for the chosen keyword.

Google XML Sitemap:-

The Google XML Sitemap is also an SEO plugin that helps users in the SEO of their website. It helps users to index their site in a better way at search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. When users activate the plugin it generates an XML sitemap for the user’s page so that users can easily index it. A sitemap allows the bots of the search engine to observe your website’s entire structure and to obtain the results more optimally.

Features of XML Sitemap:-

  1. It helps search engines to crawl the website faster, and it also can help your content to get indexed faster.
  2. It allows you to ask Google to prioritize crawl those pages on your site by inserting metadata.


Akismet is an anti-span that checks all comments and filters the spammy comments from them. This is a plugin that every user should have. For every comment, it provides a history so that the users can know which comment it is assuming spammy. The moderator checks the number of approved comments and the links that are commented on the comment section and removes it if it finds the links suspicious. The app is free of charge for the personal website and forums but for business website users have to pay some charges because the premium plan provides more security.

Features of Akismet:-

  1. Users can easily backup their data and restore them
  2. It provides the status history for every and each comment so that the website owner can check if there is any spam comment
  3. It gives a fast performance which saves the user’s a lot of time
  4. Moderators can view the number of spam comments from each user
  5. It deletes the spammy comments


Along with ranking the website and other things, website security is also an important thing. The Wordfence provides security from hackers to WordPress users. There are always many robots that can hack your website or can badly affect your website, so this plugin keeps you safe from spam and gives your website security. It provides features like Firewall protection, malware scan, blocking, login security, live traffic monitoring, and a lot more.

Features of Wordfence:-

  1. It provides the WordPress firewall so that your website cant be hacked
  2. Blocking Features
  3. It provides login security features to the website
  4. Security scanning features

Contact Form7:-

There should be a contact form on every website so that they can contact the website owners for business-related queries or any other queries. Through this, you can add many types of forms and name them according to your needs. Users can create new boxes by drop and down feature without using any code.

Features of Contact Form7:-

  1. Users can create and manage contact forms easily.
  2. It makes it easy to customize form fields0.
  3. To switch mail content, it uses simple markups.
  4. It adds the form to any page using the shortcode.

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

Google Analytics is a statical tool that is used to analyze the various statistics of the websites. It helps users to understand their visitors and catering to them so that the website can gain more traffic because traffic is the most important thing to rank on the search engine. Users can track the customer’s views by using universal tracking of the tool.

Features of Google Analytics:-

  1. Users can detect that from where the traffic is coming from your website.
  2. It tracks the visitor’s activity and website conversions.
  3. It provides audience report more direct actionable insights.
  4. Custom reports from Google Analytics allow you to divide the information data precisely how you need it.

WP Smush

Everyone finds boring reading content that is without an image that is why every article or content should have at least one image. Adding to the image content or blog makes it easier for the blogger to reach out to the readers because people are never as clear by reading the text as they are by seeing the image. This tool allows users to compress and optimize the image through which users can compress and optimize the image according to their needs.

Features of WP Smush:-

  1. It provides the facility of compressing and optimizing the image without affecting the image quality
  2. Users can optimize the image in all formats like JPEG, PNG, or GIF, etc.
  3. Users can smush their attachments manually in the media library


There should be a comment section on every blogger’s website so that readers can comment and tell how they found the content, they like it or not. Through this, bloggers can improve their next content. Users can enable and disable the comment comments section according to their needs. If any reader comments any offensive comment then you can also remove it.

Features of WpDiscuz:-

  1. Multilevel comment threads for detailed discussions
  2. Anonymous comments without names and emails
  3. Full integration with Social Media Login systems
  4. Different date formats for the comments
  5. Clean, simple and responsive design


Your website may be hacked or upgrade issues can occur at any moment, So keeping the data backed up in advance is the most intelligent thing to do. Through this tool, you can keep your data backed up so that you can use it when needed. With cloud servers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, iCloud and more, you can back up your files using UdraftPlus and click on Recover to get it back with just one button.

Features of UpdraftPlus:-

  1. It automatically backup your data
  2. It uses fewer server resources so it can processe faster.
  3. It allows users to store the backup data on multiple cloud servers.
  4. Using Migrator to easily replicate and relocate websites
  5. It provides free expert support


Jetpack is a  plugin that every WordPress user must-have because it provides some features that help to rank the site. It offers the facility of web security, website performance analysis, image optimization, traffic growth, etc. It also creates a sitemap so that search engines can easily index the site.

Features of Jetpack:-

  1. It provides content sharing features by which visitors can share the content of your website
  2. It allows users to list the related content of the content on their website
  3. It collects the traffic statistics of the website
  4. It automatically promotes the contents on the social sites

Wp rocket:-

If you go to a website that takes a lot of time to load, then you will not like to go to that website again Similarly if your website takes longer to load, then visitors will not like to come to your website. Wp rocket is a cash plugin that helps your website load faster. It creates a static HTML file of the web page and allows WordPress to serve a page from this cache.

Features of Wp rocket:-

  1. All pages are cached for easy browsing
  2. Caching for mobile visitors
  3. Caching for logged in users
  4. It preloads the cache of pages


PushEngage plugins help its users to gain traffic on their websites. Id adds web push technology on your website so that visitors can get a notification to subscribe to your blog. When users subscribe to the blog, it gives subscribers notification of new blog posts.

Features of PushEngage:-

  1. It sends notifications according to the activity of the customer
  2. It manages multiple websites
  3. It supports multiple browsers
  4. A/B Testing in Web Push

Broken link checker:-

Broken links can put your website’s SEO in danger, therefore, the website should not have a broken link. The Broken link check checks for the broken links into your website. When visitors come to the website and they get a broken link, it impacts the visitors in a negative way. This plugin also stops pings from being sent to your page if you write posts with your own site’s post link.

Feature of the link checker:-

  1. It tracks the connection in your posts, forums, reviews, blogs, and custom areas.
  2. Detects unworkable links missed pictures and redirects.
  3. Displays broken links in posts differently.
  4. Prevents search engines from following broken links.
  5. Users can use URLs, anchor messages, and so on to search and filter links.
  6. You can edit links directly from the plugin’s site without editing every post individually.

Beaver builder:-

This is a plugin that every non-technical website owner or blogger should have because it provides the drag and drops feature by which users can easily customize their website design. Users can easily create a custom page layout without writing a single line of code. It works on the front end of your website.

Features of Beaver builder:-

  1. It has a front Drag And Drop Interface
  2. Shortcode And Widget Support
  3. Its templates can be reuse
  4. It is capable for multitasking
  5. SEO Optimized
  6. It has a live theme editing feature

CSS Hero

All of you must know that by CSS you can customize your website and give an attractive look but for that, you must have knowledge of CSS or you have to learn CSS and it will be a very long process. With CSS Hero users can customize WordPress themes and they don’t have to write code. It helps you to customize any WordPress theme in minutes to suit your needs.

Features of CSS Hero:-

  1. It has content modules of HTML, Photo, Text Editor, Audio, Video, & Sidebar.
  2. It has a full-width, column-based layout.
  3. Users can add their own CSS classes and IDs.
  4. It has a good support team.


This site can be helpful when your site is under construction. With this users can make an attractive coming soon landing page. This plugin helps its users to grow visitors even when your website is not working.

Features of Seedpro:-

  1. Realtime Page Builder
  2. FREE 500,000+ Background Images, 750+ Google Fonts & 50+ Themes Included
  3. Easily Collect Emails So You’ll Have Traffic On Day 1!
  4. Limit or Allow Access to Your Website
  5. Social Sharing and Referral Tracking


SEMRush is a plugin that every marketing professional should have because it helps its users to improve SEO and grow traffic. It allows you to do keyword analysis, backlink review, record product mentions, spy on rivals, identify best-performing social media posts, evaluate marketing strategy, and more.

Features of SEMRush:-

  1. Domain-specific keyword ranking
  2. It tracks the position of your website
  3. It compares the domains by keywords
  4. It has a crawl audit tool
  5. It adds the campaign data a detail
  6. Keyword Research
  7. View organic positions of competitors
  8. Search for proper long-tail keywords
  9. It compares the website with multiple other websites.
  10. Identify accurate ad data
  11. Study Ads texts of competitors’
  12. It also tracks the competitors’ ranking
  13. Backlinks
  14. Track many various keyword metrics

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