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Best 25+ Social Media Marketing WordPress Plugin 2021

Social Media Marketing Wordpress Plugin

1. Kiwi Social Sharing

Kiwi has all the features that help users make an attractive website and attract customers. Along with its premium, the free version is also available so that people can increase traffic to their website without spending money. It supports all famous and leading social sites so that users can easily increase the traffic of their website by promoting their website or their blogs on social network sites. It allows you to add the share button above or below the content.

2. Instagram Feed

As the name itself suggests, this plugin helps to share your Instagram content on your website easily so that your customer can know your id and can easily find your profile. It allows you to choose where you to display your Instagram feed on your website and to do this you have to link your Instagram account to your website. If you want to increase the follower of your Instagram account then this is a good option for you. By using this plugin you can keep your website updated.

3. Monarch

Monarch provides up to 20 social networking sites which you can display on your website with the share button. It offers you a large section for placing the share button. Generally, a separate plugin has to be used to share media files, but this is not the case here, you can share media files of any kind by using only this plugin. It also allows you to arrange the number of social sites to display on your website.

4. Social sidebar

The social sidebar allows you to place the sharing button with different social sites and with different styles. It allows you to choose everything including colour, fonts, sizes and it allows to CSS code for extra editing. You can choose to show or hide the sidebar on your website and you can also turn links into a button so that mobile users can get better effect. Integration of the website is automated for page and post inclusion and exclusion options.

5. Simple Social Icons

As we can understand by reading the name is a simple plugin for the website which can be easily used by anyone without having any difficulty. They can place the share button easily on their website with a lot of social sites options. It allows you to choose the colors and then by entering the URL of the social sites you can easily display the social sites on your website. It provides you all the famous and important social media platform

6. Revive Old Post

Revive old post is the plugin that every website should have cause it really helps to be active on social sites. The Revive old post plugins automatically share your post on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Linked In, etc. All you have to do is set up the sharing option then it automatically posts your old posts, media, pages from your website. By using this plugin users can easily maintain the traffic to their website. Users can easily integrate the revive old post plugin with their google analytics profile.

7. SocialFans

The Social fan is another powerful plugin with a lot of features that are needed on every website. It has features like showing the number of followers, subscribers, and social media fans on the website. It allows you to access social sites such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can give a different and new identity to your website by using this plugin properly.

8. Social Locker

The social locker is a premium plugin that provides a lot of premium features. By using this plugin you can lock your content of the website and when your customers or readers will share your page on their social media account, then your content will be unlocked, and they can read the content. It allows you to track the locked content and check which content is doing great and which is not. It gets easily integrates with google analytics that means you can also check the social locker performance at your google analytics account.

9. Social Login

Using social login plugin you can allow your customers to login or register to your website using Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and other 20+ social sites options. It allows you to choose where you want to place the widgets and use the shortcodes to place the plugins where you want. It also allows you to activate a social plugin widget for the sidebar. Social login provides a lot of features and this plugin can be used by any person cause it is very easy to use.

10. ARSocial

ARSocial plugin has a lot of features like social sharing, social locker, social fan counter, etc. It provides all the features that are required in a social marketing website. So if you want a plugin for social sharing, fan counter, etc then you don’t need to install different plugins for these different purposes you can do all these things by installing this plugin. It offers you approximately 42+ social sites options and section-wide placement of the social sharing buttons to maximize the conversion.

11. Instagram Theater

If you want to integrate popular platforms like Instagram then this is a great option for you. This plugin allows you to show the pictures of your Instagram account on your website. The Instagram theatre is responsive to all devices so there is no need to worry about the photos you have posted on your website will look good on mobile devices or not. It also offers you features like view the photos on different modes like Fullscreen mode, List Layout mode, Instagram feed mode, Thumbnail mode, Tag Instagram feed mode, etc.

12. Arqam Social Counter

The Arqam Social Counter is one of the best plugins to add social links to websites. The Arqam social counter is really very easy to use cause all you have to do is install and activate and once it is installed it will automatically add to your dashboard. After that, you can easily add social media account from here and also can personalize the Followers, Fans, etc. It also provides drag and drops features which can be considered as the main reason to call it easy to use. To reorder the social counter you can simply drag and drop the blocks.

13. Super Socializer

When customers create their profile on the website it benefits both the customer and websites because when the users receive more personalized content and website owners get an opportunity to understand their customers and give them better service. It gives a chance to increase the traffic of the website by integrating the popular social sites with your website. When you integrate the social sites with your website users can easily sign up your website with social media accounts easily and thus when the signup process becomes easy then the customers and traffic on the site increases.

14. AddtoAny

AddtoAny is another WordPress plugin that is really helpful for social media marketing. It has various social sites options, Standard social sharing bars, and a universal sharing menu. It offers you google analytics and it also shows the counting of social shares without creating an account. AddtoAny has a smaller performance footprint compared to other similar tools that offer global buttons for social sharing.

15. WordPress to buffer

The WordPress to buffer is a powerful and famous plugin that helps you schedule the post on social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. It has a feature that is used to automatically add new posts to the buffer account so that they are shared on social media accounts.

16. SharePlus

If you want to give your customer a professional and classic experience then you should use the SharePlus Plugin. It offers five built-in themes and also allows you to customize them with CSS. The plugin is very easy to use cause once you install it, it will not take much time to understand how to use it.

17. Open Social share

Open social share WordPress plugins allow your customers to share the content on different social sites by their profiles. It has various different themes it allows you to choose from them and display on your website. Open social share also supports WordPress, BuddyPress and BBPress and runs on LoginRadius SaaS. It also allows you to customize the themes and add the widgets to different sections like pages, posts, feeds etc. The social sharing has a two version, the free version and a paid version it depends on you which you want to take.

18. MashShare

The MashShare is a free plugin that is useful to make it easier for your readers to share your content. It has an integration feature with major social networks, share buttons, video share popup, sticky share bar, most shared posts widget, short URL integration, support for AMP, Google analytics integration, and more.

19. Microblog Poster

The Microblog Poster plugin is used to post automatically the content of your website on different social sites. It allows users to cross-post to several accounts on the same social sites cause it supports multiple accounts per social networking. It also allows users to format the update message to create varying versions for your different social networking platforms. Configuring, using, and supporting shortcodes is easy with the plugin.

20. Socializor

Socializor is a great option for those who are looking for a floating social media bar because it provides a lot of features that will help them to achieve their goal. It has a lot of flexible features like email subscription and social media buttons which can be considered as the most important functionality of the plugin. This allows you to play around with different color combinations and infinite color options.

21. Flow-Flow

The Flow-Flow is WordPress social media plugin that helps to create easily a social wall. With this plugin, you can easily connect your social media profile to your website and can show your activity. It has various designs and layout which can be used to showcase the activity of your social media. This plugin allows you to set your own filters, users, custom grids, pages, users, etc and it also has a feature to add the live search for your readers. It also provides a social stream with Google Adsense and sponsored ads so you can monetize your stream on your own website.

22. ShareBang

ShareBang is a great plugin to grow your sales and drive traffic to your website. It offers 21 share buttons, 3 dedicated positions, and two Woocommerce social share buttons. It has a 35+ built-in elegant buttons theme which can be customized according to your liking. With this plugin, you can easily create your buttons with your own styles and themes.

23. Blog2Social

Blog2Social is another plugin that helps to automate the process of sharing. It allows you to schedule your post and blogs to post automatically over its 42+ social networks. With this plugin, you can easily publish your blog post to business pages, community pages, and profiles. It also allows you to specify the content category and backlink to the post so that your website traffic can be increased.

24. Maria

Maria is one of the powerful plugins which helps to make your website attractive as well as increase conversion rate. It has an amazing HD and retina Social icons which helps you to make your website different from the others. Maria has various design options that you can choose according to your need and liking. It supports almost all the popular social sites which makes another reason to use it. the plugin and their icons respond perfectly.




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