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5 Best Integromat Alternatives 2021 (Free & Paid)

Integromat Alternatives 2021

Choosing the correct integration tool can be very difficult but in case you have already chosen the Integromat integration tool. Then you have made a good choice but as we know everybody has different choice and different requirement. So, in case you are not liking Integromat for some reason and you are searching it alternatives then we are going to help you with that.

Here, we are going to talk about the best Integromat alternatives for you in 2021.



Jitterbit is another great Integromat alternative that you can use in 2021. It is a great platform for integrating SaaS, on-premise, and cloud applications. Jitterbit focuses on the easiness and speed of the tool. It provides the tools for data cleansing & smart reconstruction which makes it easy to clean and alter data.

  • One of the best things we like about this integration tool is that you can easily transfer large amounts of data.
  • You can monitor your integration from its dashboard and if there any problem occurs it will alert you.
  • You can integrate so many SaaS, cloud, on-premises, or hybrid applications.
  • It allows you to set integrations to run on a schedule, triggered, or real-time and you can also control it from anywhere and anytime.
  • It also allows you to infuse any application with AI like speech recognition, real-time language translation, and product upsell recommendations.

Jitterbit offers a custom plan which means its pricing will depend on your requirement. is a popular integration software that is a great Integromat alternative. It lets you connect your all cloud & SaaS applications with ease. You can connect popular apps like Facebook, Salesforce, Trello, Zendesk, Shopify, Slack, etc. It focuses on data security and takes all the necessary security steps such as data encryption, data retention controls, and audit logs to secure your data. You can also connect the multistep workflows and sync data between two apps.

  • It provides awesome tools like conditional logic, formatting, time delay, etc. to set cross-functional internal workflows.
  • Its drag and drop feature will make it easy to use for newbies and for those who don’t have technical knowledge.
  • You will get a tool for translating the data values like numbers, dates, text, currency, etc.
  • You can connect popular applications like WooCommerce, Salesforce, Shopify, Zendesk, and many more.
  • It allows you to access all leading cloud and SaaS applications by using Webhook/Rest API.

Free: Its free plan offers you 300 Actions per month, 5 Bots, 5 min Data check.

Professional: The price for this plan is $19/mo and you will get 2000 Actions per month, 20 Bots, 5 in Data check, Premium Apps, etc.

Startup: Its price is $39/mo which offers 10,000 Actions per month, 50 Bots, 2 min Data check, Multi-Action Bots, Auto Retry, etc.

Growth: This plan’s price is $79/mo and under which you will get 30,000 Actions, 100 Bots, 2 min Data check, Premium Apps, Excess Actions, Multi-Action Bots, etc.

Business: The business plan’s price is $159/mo which offers 100,000 per month, 200 Bots, 1 min Data check, Multi-Action Bots, Data Controls, Auto Retry, Premium Apps, etc.

Enterprise: If none of these plans are fulfilling your requirement then you can go for this plan because this is a custom plan and its pricing will depend on your requirement.



PieSync integration tool is from HubSpot which offers a two-way sync solution. You can connect it to your favorite platforms like Mailchimp, Google Contacts, Salesforce, Zoho, etc. It will automatically share your contacts between your applications like CRM, marketing automation, email marketing, and e-commerce.

  • This is the only integration software that provides two-way sync which means you can see new entries as well as historical data in real-time.
  • Duplicate data points are automatically detected, managed, and removed.
  • It allows you to sync all your business applications together and share the same set of data with your team.
  • It protects your data using advanced security authentication methods like Oauth and employs encryption measures.

Starter: Its price is $49/mo which allows you to Sync any of their supported apps, Create up to two
if/then rules per connection, and Invite unlimited team members to your PieSync subscription.

Pro: The price for this plan is $59/mo which provides you Unlimited rules per connection, Custom field mappings: choose how you want to sync fields across apps, More options to segment and filter your syncs, and everything provided in the Starter plan.



If we are talking about the best Integromat alternatives it is impossible to not talk about Zapier. Zapier is currently one of the most popular integration software in the market. It allows you to connect hundreds of SaaS applications like Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, Facebook, etc and the best thing about this will be you want to write a code for this. Zapier makes it even easier to use by allowing you to automate several actions/activities with only one trigger.

  • It has a search feature that you can use to search for specific data in the system that you have integrated with this tool.
  • It also provides zep templates and allows you to customize them if you want to.
  • You can set up triggers and connect applications for sharing data.
  • You can use its branching logic to have a single workflow and you won’t have to create multiple zaps.

Free: Its free plan offers 100 Tasks /mo and 5 Zaps.

Starter: $19.99 is the price for 750 Tasks /mo and $39 for 1500 Tasks /mo. This plan offers 20 Zaps, Multi-step Zaps, 3 Premium Apps, Filters, Formatters, and Connections Via Webhooks.

Professional: The Professional plan costs $49 for 2000 Tasks /mo and if you need more tasks then you can increase it up to 20,00,000 Tasks /mo which will cost you $3,389. This plan will offer you Unlimited Zaps, Unlimited Premium Apps, Connections Via Webhooks, Custom Logic – Paths, Formatters, etc.

Team: This plan’s price is $299 for 50,000 Tasks /mo and like the Professional plan it also allows you to increase tasks if you want to. This plan will offer Unlimited Zaps, Filters, Unlimited Premium Apps, Unlimited Users, Folder Permissions, Shared App Connections, Shared Workspace, etc.

Company: $599 is the price for this plan and like the Professional and Team plan it also allows you to increase tasks. In this plan you will get Unlimited Premium Apps, Connections Via Webhooks, Shared App Connections, Advanced Admin Permissions, User Provisioning (SCIM), Live Training With Customer Success, Custom Data Retention, SAML Single Sign-On (SSO), and many more.

Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect works as a glue for you that you can use to link your applications and services together. It is one of the most trustable integration tools. It offers excellent features at a low price. Pabbly allows you to connect unlimited applications in your workflows and create unlimited multi-step calls. You can also create complex workflow integration without writing a single line of coding. It supports many SaaS applications like form builder, email marketing tools, CRM, E-Commerce, etc.

  • It allows you to control and manage workflow by setting the time intervals and scheduling them based on time, date, and day.
  • Use the filter option to create if/then or branching logic conditions for your workflow. This will help users to move next step depending on their performed actions.
  • It also provides formatter tool that you can use to convert dates, currency, numbers, text into another format.
  • It can be integrated with so many useful applications like Google Sheets, Linkedin, PayPal, Gmail, etc. which will make your work easier.
  • Its drag and drop feature makes it a great choice for newbies.

FREE: It free plan offers 100 Tasks/Operations per month.

STARTER: This plan’s price is $9/mo which offers 12,000 Tasks/Operations per month, Instant Triggers, and Filters.

ROOKIE: This plan costs $15/ mo and offers 50,000 Tasks/Operations per month, Multi-step Calls, and Path Routers.

ADVANCE: As it says this is an advance plan which you can select if you need 80,000 tasks or more.


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