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10 Best Live Streaming WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid)

Best Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

In the past few years, live stream has become one of the most preferable medium to interact with the audience. The reason behind the popularity of live streams is that live streaming brings real conversation that helps to create brand awareness. Thanks to technology it has become easy to live stream on websites. There are so many live streaming plugins that you can use on your site for live video streaming. If you want to live stream on your WordPress site then you must be looking for the best live streaming WordPress plugins with responsive designs and cool features.

If you are also looking for the best live streaming WordPress plugins then we are here to help you. In this article, we will tell you some best live streaming WordPress plugins for your WordPress sites.

10 Best Live Streaming WordPress Plugins


Best Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

If you have a business that needs frequent live streaming or depends on the live streaming then you can go for the WPStream WordPress plugin. To use this plugin you will need to create an account on WPStream first. It allows you to broadcast video on pay per view which means you can sell tickets for live stream videos on your site.

  • WPStream WordPress plugin allows monetization of your live stream video.
  • You can set up a subscription-based channel by using the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension.
  • WPStream allows you to sell tickets for your live streaming video and earn pay per view.
  • You can choose from different packages and also get a free trial.

Family: The price for this plan is $19 per month and in this plan, you will get Unlimited Live Channels, Unlimited Viewers, Unlimited Videos, 100GB streaming bandwidth, etc.

Team: WPStream offers you this plan at $49 per month and this will offers you Unlimited Live Channels, Unlimited Videos, Unlimited Viewers, 250GB streaming bandwidth, etc.

Friends: This plan will cost you $149 per month and you will get Unlimited Live Channels, 1 TB streaming bandwidth, 50GB storage – 150 SD or 75 HD hours, Enhanced Content Protection, etc.

Fans: The price of this plan is $399 and you will get 3TB streaming bandwidth, Enhanced Content Protection, 250GB storage – 750 SD or 375 HD hours, No Ads, etc.

Free Livestream with Hapity

Best Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

Free Livestream WordPress plugin allows you to broadcast your message with just one click. Its layouts are customizable which means you can customize them to match with your website theme. With this tool, you can also create your own content and stream video on your site.

  • With this WordPress plugin, you will get free video hosting.
  • You can publish your live feed with just one click.
  • When you live stream from Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, you don’t own the content you’ve generated. But with Free Livestream allows you to stream live video directly from your website and you keep ownership of every content you have created.

This is a free WordPress plugin you can easily install it from the WordPress site and use it.


Best Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

WebinarPress is a WordPress plugin that helps you to host an online seminar. This plugin also helps you to generate leads. It allows you to collect viewer names and email addresses and import them into the third-party email service provider.

  • It provides customizable email reminders so that your audience don’t miss your webinar.
  • You will get an optional replay feature so that if your viewer misses any timeslot they can watch it.
  • You can create a countdown page to show how much time has left before the event starts.
  • You can use its shortcodes to place login and registration form on your site.

Free: With its free version you will get unlimited video streams and unlimited viewers.

Single Site: As its name suggest this plan allows live broadcasting on one website with many advanced features and its price is $197 per year.

Agency: This plan can be purchased at $497 per year and this also offers many advanced features.

WP YouTube Live

Best Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

WP YouTube Live allows you to share your YouTube videos on your website. You can also post live broadcasts directly from YouTube to your WordPress website. To share the live video stream from YouTube your YouTube live stream should be public. Its “Show scheduled live videos” functionality shows the countdown and a player until your next video arrives.

  • You can show customize messages using “Show a custom HTML message” features.
  • You can also show your recent video from your channel.
  • The plugin has auto-refresh functionality that checks for new videos automatically.
  • The broadcasted video will be saved into your YouTube and you will get views after broadcasting the videos.

This is a free WordPress plugin that you can download from WordPress.

WP Video Enhanced

Best Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

WP Video Enhanced allows you to add branding to the video player and placing your logo on every video. With WP Video Enhanced’s shortcode, you easily add videos to your site. It also allows you to post streamed video and archived streams.

  • You can configure the initial Volume when the player starts.
  • It has many useful features like logo & Branding, HLS Playback, M(PEG)-DASH, etc.

This is a free plugin, install WP Video Enhanced from

Broadcast Live Video

Best Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

Broadcast Live Video is another broadcasting platform that allows you, streaming live video on your website. It supports all types of sources like PC webcam and IP cameras for streaming broadcast. It uses HTML5 WebRTC / HLS / MPEG DASH which means you can also go live with a mobile device.

  • You will get channel statistics including broadcast/watch time, last activity. etc.
  • You can generate snapshots with a special RTMP side for external streams.
  • Add a custom floating logo or ads on your live broadcast.
  • You can show details of upcoming video content while the channel is offline.

Download this free plugin from your WordPress admin dashboard’s plugin section.

bzplayer pro

Best Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

bzplayer pro is a paid live streaming software for WordPress websites. By using this plugin you will add a responsive HTML5 video player on your site. This plugin allows your viewers to rewind, forward, and resume your live stream. You can also monetize your site with its built-in advertising feature.

  • This plugin gives you so many advanced features like, social sharing buttons, and playback speed settings, download button, responsive player, etc.
  • bzplayer pro allows you to put your logo on the vidoes.
  • It provides shortcodes that you can use to insert videos.

You can purchase this plugin from at $21.

Elite Video Player

Best Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

If you are looking for a fully customizable and responsive WordPress plugin for live streaming on your site then this plugin can be a perfect choice for you. It supports all platforms like YouTube, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Vimeo, etc. You can host your own videos all you need is videos in mp4 format.

  • It allows you to mix images and videos in the playlist.
  • It supports google analytics.
  • You can set your own pre-roll/mid-roll/post-roll/pop-up ad for your videos.
  • It supports subtitles for HTML5 self-hosted videos, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

You can download this plugin from at $49.

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